Travel Awards and Abstract Submissions Open

Join us at the Pathology Informatics Summit 2020
We are now accepting
Travel Award applications and
Abstract Submissions

Abstract submission deadline is February 1, 2020
There are two basic types of abstract presentations at Pathology Informatics Summit: a 15-minute oral presentation or a traditional poster style abstract. The submission form is the same for each. A select number of abstracts submitted for oral presentation will be elevated to a 35-minute podium presentation.

Travel award application deadline is March 1, 2020
The travel award is intended for trainees to help offset the costs of attending the Pathology Informatics Summit to increase trainee involvement in the pathology informatics community.  Accordingly, the Association of Pathology Informatics is happy to announce that up to 11 travel awards will be funded, with a maximum reimbursement of $1,200 each (including the cost of registration for PI Summit).

Please feel free to share this email or the attached flyer with trainees at your institution who might wish to apply for a travel award or submit an abstract.
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